«El ‘fracking’ es una estupidez: poner en riesgo el subsuelo para buscar gas»

«A pesar de tantos pontífices de lo económico y lo político, la verdadera crisis es ambiental»

«Ecología o la conservación del futuro» es el título de la conferencia pronunciada ayer en Zamora por el naturalista Joaquín Araújo, en la que abordó los riesgos que amenazan al medio ambiente y la necesidad de lograr un desarrollo sostenible. [leer más]


One thought on “«El ‘fracking’ es una estupidez: poner en riesgo el subsuelo para buscar gas»

  1. Today over 100 billion gallons a year of fresh water is turned into toxic fracking fluid. The technology to transform it back to drinkable water does not exist. And, even if it did, where will we put all the radioactive substances we capture from it? This figure will double in the next five years if this crazy policy continues
    We need a united nations ban on turning fresh water into fracking fluid now.
    The gas millionaires will have nothing to spend their money on because they are drowning our green earth with fracking fluid.
    Jesus turned the water into wine but Satan turns it into fracking fluid.
    If you can help to get this message out please do.
    How long will it take to turn all the fresh water on Planet Earth into Toxic Fracking fluid, its just a matter of time.
    Crazy or what?
    The united nations have made a resolution that everyone is entitled to fresh drinking water and sanitation Fracking contradicts this resolution and must stop now.
    My calculations are confirmed by world leading prize winning ecologist Sandra Steingraber
    Peter Baxter

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